Readings that take you on a ride

For those that want to really explore their sexuality but are shy about talking about the experience, there’s a book with a conversational tone that encourages you to use tools and exercises to reflect on life experiences and make a mission statement.

What You Really, Really Want by Jaclyn Friedman

This book gathers qualitative data, specifically sixty interviews to show how narratives about Asian American gender and sexuality reinforce dominance by whites. It goes into beauty, self-esteem, and sexual attraction.

Asian American Sexual Politics by Rosalind S. Chou



Featured Activist Group

One Billion Rising was founded by Eve Ensler, best known for Vagina Monologues. Attached are links to some of the work being done in South Asia.

Kamla Bhasin / SANGAT South Asian Feminist Network – South Asia

The South Asia launch of One Billion Rising Revolution

This is one of many YouTube trailers about One Billion Rising. Other videos show choreography and the powerful singing. This shows diversity in the woman who have suffered and are surviving. There are many shots of the East and South Asians in traditional wardrobe, dancing in solidarity.


Empowering Women Through Activism

Feminism is very prominent in the Philippines.

GABRIELA Women’s Party

*Turn on subtitles*

A member passionately describes the need to listen to those who have been raped by soldiers and continually fight for rights. She calls out political figures who haven’t done their job.



The woman in the following picture is Lola Narcissa, who is still alive and fighting for compensation and reparations for those that were comfort women.


Featured Article

Everydayfeminism has political cartoons that get the point across and articles combining research with testimonials.

This article is inclusive of many things related to body image with Asian-Americans. It brings in the complexity of growing up with immigrant parents and having conflicting values.

Historically and presently, Western media portrayals of Asian women sexualize us into exotic objects of desire. Consequently, the utility of an Asian woman’s body becomes about being a passive commodity of sex.


Embracing Your Sexuality

I thought it was interesting that when I typed Asian women and sexuality into Google, the only results I got were related to Yellow Fever, stereotypes, white men and porn.

A dynamic YouTuber who insists that Asian women are interested in sex and do talk about sex. She says some controversial things that you can think about. What’s significant about this video is her willingness and enthusiasm talking about Asian women in relation to sexuality, having sex, hooking up, and dating other races. This is the first Q&A video where a female YouTuber shares her raw thoughts to personal questions. If you find any others, definitely let me know.


Yellow Fever

Anna Akana is one of my favorite YouTubers who talks about race, feminism, lifestyles, and everything you can imagine. She incorporates satire, wit, and personal stories in her interactive videos.

Written from the perspective of a woman fed up with the expectations, this article goes into the common stereotypes and things to look out for. She goes into critiques of personal experiences, books such as Memoirs of a Geisha and the media as a whole. She definitely inspires being self-aware and assertive.


Supporting You

This first article is written from the perspective of parents who went to a program about how to raise strong and confident daughters. There’s a brief overview of a study that discovered specifics between racial and ethnic lines and self-esteem.

Listed are ways to introduce relatable characters and mentors such as changing the characters of the story or choosing to write about a historical Asian figure. Consider how you talk about beauty but don’t just consider beauty on the outside. Be assertive and take up space in how you speak

One can imagine what goes into an article labeled “Brotherly Advice.” This is an example of a resource to read critically and challenge. Something that really stuck out was being proud of your own eyes. See with your own eyes. There are other lifestyle changes mentioned in the article but it’s really up to you to choose how you want to dress and eat.