Body Image and Confidence

“Asian women reported lower satisfaction with their bodies than women of African, European, or Hispanic backgrounds” (According to a 2007 UCLA Study)

Buzzfeed has different categories from fun facts to how to cook certain foods to having their employees try new things.

Recently, Buzzfeed has been coming out with videos for LGBTQ visibility, debating politics, and offering forums for racial minorities.



Michelle Phan is most known for her make-up tutorials and DIYs. She has gives in-depth tips on how to develop your talents, make meaningful interpersonal relationships, and change your mentality. She is one of few Asian YouTubers who continues to play with sensuality and body appearance.


Is there a robot in the audience?

You know when you fill out a form and at the bottom, it has the spam box to check if you’re a robot?

Well, assuming you’re not a robot, you’re still probably a curious audience. This guide will provide information for college age Asian women. There are theories and literature typically covered in college courses. Some of these articles give insight into how others perceive Asian women so this is especially valuable. Other videos have Asian women so that you can always feel related to what you encounter on this site.


The theme/topic 3 T’s

What’s this website for? Much like the main topic of the sentence, you’re wondering what the main theme of it is.

The goal of this website is to offer information to help Asian women deal with their body image, confidence, and sexuality. There are so many stereotypes and fetishization of the Asian woman. It’s important to read about these concepts and hear experiences from other people. It comes from the feminist perspective because it examines the nature of gender and race and the role of the Asian woman.

This website is just a start. On my quest, I found articles about the fetishization of Asian women, dating Asian women, and nothing solely about Asian’s sexuality and their dating. What I did find was lots of Asian women sharing their thoughts, opinions, and own knowledge. This website is a compilation of bits and pieces of articles and YouTube videos.